Well Hello There!

So it occurred to me, that having 3 boys under 3… that’s right readers, 3 boys, 3 years, 3 pretty much back to back pregnancies…


Well it’s a tad unusual!

Normally, the wincing looks and raised eyebrows are the give away!

Followed by glancing at each child trying to work out if the older 2 are twins…

Then looking at my mid rift to establish if I am indeed the mother in the first place!

And finally, that little look of ‘what no girl?’ No there are no girls other than me, and frankly if someone did refer to me as a girl they would receive a cold stare.

So, obviously, I have so much time (hollow laugh).

3 boys a  Mr D, a level of washing which looks like an abstract model of Ben Nevis!

Running a house, running a book club and accidentally volunteering for far too much within a small village.

Did I mention my latest degree with the Open Uni?

Having a background in Early Years teaching, my children’s learning journey is something i take very seriously. Aiming to enhance  my little one’s education by exploring the world through the eyes of small people.

Play is the most effective method of learning at this age so child-led play is supplemented with adult led activities. Rainy days are ideal for exploring mini topics, expanding from their learning elsewhere.

So along with my book reviews, silent Sundays, my views and opinions on the world around me and obviously some handy child activities will all pop up right here.

This certainly isn’t a Facebook style, look how amazing my life is blog.

Motherhood is bloody hard at times. As soon as you see those two lines…and the ClearBlue Digital, clearly spelling it out for you!

Your whole life changes…

But before I get too philosophical…

Happy Reading.

Please leave me your comments as I love to hear your feedback.


I must be off to start the second breakfast! Toast and marmalade- having an interesting discussion with the nearly 3 year old- where does marmalade come from? Why is not orange jam?



One Response to Home

  1. Jacky Freedman says:

    I read it all. Nice style!
    A fun feel to it.
    Looking forward to working with you…and reading more.

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